At Foothills Design & Development, we don’t take staging your home lightly. It isn’t simply a process of re-arranging your existing furniture or even bringing in a bunch of arbitrary items. Rather, we bring only the finest, highest quality items that vastly improve the look and feel of the home. Our staff includes a full-time interior designer and Real Estate agent with a background in home remodeling and as a general contractor for high end home in the Tucson Foothills. When others have tried to spring up and imitate the success that Loretta Nelson has achieved staging homes, only Loretta has survived the harsh market conditions that the real estate market has endured for the last 8 years. Why? Simple; Loretta is quite simply the best there is at staging a home, and doing it right. She doesn’t cut corners, and when she stages a home, it SELLS! Don’t believe it? Ask any of the dozens of agents that utilized her services!

It is a pleasure working with Loretta for several reasons: she absolutely knows what she is doing whether helping a client re-decorate their home, masterfully guide them through the home pre-marketing improvement process, or staging an unoccupied listing. She has a great eye and artisan's touch. Everything she does is upscale and top-notch. She delivers way more than is expected.
She's my choice for staging and decorating.

Tom Campbell


Loretta is a Fantastic Home Stager. She has an eye for what needs to be done and has the furniture and crew to make it happen. She knows how to set a house up so you see the positive things the house has to offer. Loretta has helped me several many difficult listings that did not sell before Loretta did her magic. If you want to sell your house quicker and for a better price trust Loretta to help make it happen. Loretta is Professional and a Pleasure to work with.

Jeff Burgman


Loretta is simply a genius when it comes to staging! She has helped me sell homes quicker and for more money. Loretta has a gift to be able to walk into a room and make it come to life. Time and time again she helps me achieve positive results. She is one of the hardest workers I know! If you have a photography deadline she will make sure to deliver. Even if that means working until the wee hours of the night. I can’t say enough about my positive experience working with Loretta. I will continue to count on her with ALL of my staging needs.

McKenna St. Onge


Sam Hughes Place looks absolutely amazing. I absolutely love your work. Thank you again. You are the best!

Camille Rivas Rutherford


You are my lucky charm! You truly are talented!

Robin Kaiserman


The staging looks amazing! I should have hired you to help us when we moved in–not after we moved out!

M & D Vogel

Girl, you rock! Our Santa Aurelia contract is under contract already!
(Accepted offer less than 48 hours of going live in MLS)

Edward Moore

Long Realty

Thank you, the house looks amazing! Loretta, you are very talented. Pam and I think the house looks amazing! Love It!

The staging is beautiful. I love it. You are magic!

Ellen Zhu


Awesome/exceptional staging at Camino Amistoso! Keep up the great work!

J Wooten Jr.

After our home sat vacant and unsold for several months, we hired Loretta of Foothills Design to stage the house.  Not only did she do a beautiful job, but she was fast and thorough.  The house showed beautifully and we had an accepted offer within a couple of weeks! Loretta was very flexible when it came to a fast closing date.  We highly recommend her!

Nancy and Allen Resnick

Another great resource is Loretta nelson, who is a premier agent, does home staging and sells houses in less than 30 days if it is staged before it goes on the market, and she also does fabulous estate sales. She is a name you will want to keep on file. Loretta is brilliant and saved my life on this move, since I sold/am selling virtually all I own for the move overseas.


Laura and I would like to thank you for your help in successfully concluding the sale of our house. We believe that your work in decorating and staging the house helped us sell the property faster and for many tens of thousands of dollars more than we could have otherwise achieved. I must confess that initially, “staging” a house was a strange new idea to me. I was dubious that it would make much of a difference. Boy, was I wrong! Having seen your work and then hearing the comments of others who saw the house, it is clear that staging made a huge difference in how they were able to visualize and appreciate the beauty, value, and potential of the property. Specifically, once we saw it, my wife and I were stunned with how your choice of furniture, rugs, paintings, and decorative features accentuated the living space in the house and the city and mountain views from the windows. We appreciated your insights in helping us choose paints and that we should selectively redo some bathroom fixtures. Finally, though we had been in the house over twelve years, after you were done, it suddenly felt like a marvelously richer and more elegant place than we had ever lived in! In the final stages of the deal, when the appraiser came to look at the property, after he had done all his looking around and measurements, he spontaneously commented to me on what wonderful taste we had in furniture and artwork. Well…of course, I thanked him! And now it is our turn to pass along then thanks. We do not think the sale would have worked out nearly as well without you. We greatly appreciate your help. I would, of course, be happy to speak with anyone who might want a personal reference regarding your work.

T and L G

Loretta Nelson is an incredibly talented home stager and interior designer. I have had the opportunity to work with Loretta on several projects over the years and time and time again she continues to out do herself and thoroughly impress me. I have met with sellers after their home has previously sat on the market with no offers and insist Loretta stages their property. My clients have raved about Loretta's communication, work-ethic, and positive results. She has the ability to take charge and get everything done in a timely manner whether that is hiring painters, carpet installers, cleaners etc. I have successfully sold all of my listings staged by Loretta and will continue to call upon her to help my sellers achieve amazing results!

McKenna St. Onge


I just want to say thank you for all of your hard work. I do not believe we would have sold my listing in 8 days without your expertise. I firmly believe your color suggestions, corrections to be made, and staging made all of the difference!Thanks again and I would recommend you to anyone who wants to sell fast and for top dollar! You are awesome!


Lucky for me and many other Foothills Realtors that your company is in existence! As you know, I had a problematic listing with and unwieldy floor plan, low ceilings, and obsolete features like a small master bedroom closet. Although it had been partially updated, it still had too many different floor coverings and other incompatible materials that left buyers perplexed. In the seven months that I had it listed (4 of those it had been vacant), it was shown at least 3 times a week and I had received no offers. The seller and I both were becoming desperate. We eagerly enlisted your services, you came in like a storm of energy and a breath of fresh air and worked your magic. Your list of suggestions to the seller about items that he could correct to improve the property were also wonderfully helpful. Although I had been coaxing him for some of the same items for months, having a second voice was just the ticket to get him going on them. Your beautiful furnishings were in–down to the soap in the bathroom, I might add–and the staging completed on February 1st, and by march 1st, I had 4 offers and was negotiating multiple counter offers! Is this ever a success story for you!


I have had to opportunity and pleasure to work with Loretta Nelson and Foothills Design & Development for several years, for not only staging my listings for sale but also with complete remodeling of listings in need. I have found that using Loretta to stage and furnish my homes that they have not only sold faster but have always been a positive factor in receiving the best value and price when selling my listings. I will obviously continue to use Loretta’s services and assistance and would highly recommend her company and expertise to anyone in need.



I just finished reviewing photos of the “new” look at our Tucson home.  All I can say is “Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  You must understand that this is coming from the world’s worst skeptic, so you should take it as a supreme compliment and my ultimate praise of your professional talents.  When I jokingly said I hope you can laugh all the way to the bank with respect to our 1% deal, I now think you may already be chuckling.  Thanks for the terrific job.


Looks so fantastic!! Like a different house! Just LOVE it!!

Debbie Green


Loretta’s expert advice and sense of style was of immeasurable help to us; from designing the floor plan of “our new home” to overseeing the design conception through the creation of the working plans and construction. Our beautiful new home, to a great extent, is due to the planning and design of Loretta.

R and C G

Recently, we purchased a home that had been staged by Loretta Nelson of Foothills Design. The furnishings in the home and the design elements used to decorate were lovely and highlighted the potential of the space. Initially, we saw this same house furnished in an entirely different manner. The furnishings were drab and added nothing to the home. When we returned after Loretta had furnished it, the house looked entirely different. We thought that a lot of work had been done to enhance the home and were surprised to find that the only difference was how the home was furnished. The pieces were elegant, well-placed and added character and charm to the house. Obviously, the manner in which a home is furnished can be an important factor in the sale of a home. We were surprised at what a difference this has made; it definitely affected our decision to buy this property. Loretta has a wonderful eye for detail and scale and created a beautiful environment in the home we purchased.

M and T E

I could not believe the total transformation of the house you just staged on Sabino Mountain. Drive. Before it looked so uninviting and although the house had gorgeous views, clients could not get past the poor look of the way it was decorated. Now after you have staged the house completely, it looks gorgeous and I am sure it will sell quickly at a much higher price than had it not been staged by you! This was the best money this seller has ever spent. You are so lucky to be so talented. I know I will call you whenever I need staging.