Furniture Purchasing & Consignment

How to Consign Your Furniture

We accept fine furnishings that are:
In good condition.  On a scale of 1 to 10, your items need to be a 7 or better.
Good quality and design.  We welcome quality items that appeal to today’s buyers
Items from smoke free environment
Upholstered items from pet free environment only

  • Send us a picture: We are able to get a sense of the style and condition from your photos..  Please e-mail your pictures at using the consignment form.
  • Schedule a complimentary in home evaluation. Call Loretta at 631-9702 to schedule an appointment after photos have been sent to review.
  • Bring items to our sale location.   You can bring items to a our sale locations for an on-site expert evaluation. Please call to verify we have time to evaluate your items.

Pricing is based on the following factors:

  • Condition.
  • Style. Furniture styles that remain popular in the marketplace sell the fastest and for the most money.
  • Original sale price. Sales receipts are helpful. Items typically sell for one half to one quarter of the original purchase price.
  • What the items could be purchased new in the current market.
  • Past sales experience of items to be sold
  • Historical information that you have on the piece is helpful. Everyone loves a story and a one a kind pieces.
  • Inventory of like kind pieces available for sale.


  • Delivery of your items to us. Call for next sale location to schedule
  • We offer an affordable pick-up and delivery service. Rates vary based on location.

We it from here!

  • We photograph your items.
  • Clean and stage your items at the next upcoming sale
  • Professionally merchandise your furniture during our sales event.
  • Our sales staff will work hard to sell your furniture for you!

Upon the sale of your furniture, we will issue a check on the 15th of the following month after the sale and are automatically mailed by the 16th of each month.

Call us for a complementary consultation
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FAX:  520-615-1059