Top 8 Reasons to Stage Your Home

  • Staged homes are on the market 88% less time than non staged homes. Research shows homes that sell quickly sell for more money.
  • Staged homes sell on average 12% more than non-staged homes. Buyers see staged homes as more expensive homes.
  • Over 95% of Buyers start their home search online. Staged homes look better in print and advertising, providing a definitive marketing advantage.
  • Over 95% of Realtors say staging has a positive effect on how Buyers view a home. Realtors are more likely to show a staged home as they are recognized as the best properties to see.
  • Over 80% of Buyers say a staged home is easier to visualize as their home. Staging gives a home a sense of scale and proportion and establishes the flow of the home.  .
  • Over 80% of Buyers view staged homes as up to date and well cared for properties. Staging highlights a home’s strengths and downplays its weaknesses
  • Over 80% of previously unstaged homes sold in less than 2 weeks after being staged by Foothills Design—many were previous listed for over a year!
  • Statistics show that a 1 to 3% investment in home staging, yields a 8-10 return on investment. A good return on you investment.